Reactive Rehabilitation Level 2 Online Class

Help change your reactive dog’s unwanted behaviors

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A Better Life with Your Reactive Dog Awaits


  • Peaceful hikes and neighborhood walks
  • Being able to leave your dog with a sitter for much-needed vacations
  • Knowing what to do whatever life throws at your reactive dog

With our four-week Reactive Rehabilitation Level 2 online class, this future is possible. Note: You must have completed Level 1 in order to take this class.

You will learn

  • How to change your dog’s behavior effectively
  • How to set up a rehabilitation plan for long term success
  • How to handle encountering triggers
  • How to advocate for your dog

Your dog will learn

  • Alternative behaviors to reacting
  • To change their emotions toward their trigger
  • How to better handle arousal 

Why Online Classes?

Online dog training classes are becoming increasingly popular—and it's easy to see why.

Convenience and Flexibility

You can participate in a class from the comfort of your own home. You don't need to rush out the door after work or drag the kids along. In fact, you can cozy up in your sweats, turn on the Instant Pot, and train your dog while dinner's cooking.

A Good Learning Environment

Let's be honest, trying to listen to instructions while handling your squirmy dog is difficult. Training online allows for deeper discussions and focused conversations, so you can actually learn.

Works for All Dogs

Online training is a great option for dogs that are reactive, anxious, or uncomfortable in new settings. But even the calmest of dogs benefit from learning new skills in familiar, distraction-free environments.

Hear from others who love our online classes...

I've taken [my dog] to an [in person] reactive dog class, but he was deemed too reactive for it, so this online format was nice. I also liked that it was several weeks long and that it provided access to a trainer to ask questions.

Haley B

Reactive to Relaxed Online Class

My favorite part was actually having classes without the dogs present so that I could focus more on the content, and I liked being able to share experiences with the others in the class.

Erin S

Reactive to Relaxed Online Class

This training was life changing for me as the human and Duke as the dog. We understand each other better and I feel more confident not only training him, but advocating for his needs in the world.

Michelle T

Reactive to Relaxed Online Class

How The Class Works


Weekly Zoom Sessions for four weeks

At our first session, you'll familiarize yourself with the class format and learn the dog training basics to set you up for success.

During the subsequent sessions, we’ll review the previous week’s homework, analyze videos of your training sessions, cover various training topics, and train our dogs.


Weekly videos and homework

In addition to the weekly sessions, you'll access carefully crafted videos and homework assignments. You will have access to the videos for a lifetime, so you can review them anytime.


Bimonthly Virtual Office Hours

You'll also have access to office hours twice a month where you can drop in and ask your trainer anything that's on your mind.

Reactive Rehabilitation Level 2 Online Class

4 weeks



  • Four weekly Zoom sessions with a certified professional dog trainer
  • Video homework
  • Homework sheets
  • Small class sizes for personalized feedback
  • Trackers
  • Bimonthly Office Hours to get your questions answered
Next Available Classes:

    Office hours

    The first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m., MST

    The second Saturday of every month at 1:30 p.m MST


    Classes are non-refundable from the time of purchase. Please check your schedule carefully to ensure that you can commit before registering.

    What others are saying...

    [A big takeaway from the class] is that I am not the only person who struggles with a reactive dog. And that reactive dogs aren't bad or broken dogs, they may just need more understanding and time to work through some issues.

    Erin S

    Reactive to Relaxed Online Class

    Taylor is a fun teacher and she's very helpful in addressing your dog's individual needs

    Haley B

    Reactive to Relaxed Online Class

    [After taking this class], I feel like regardless of where [my dog] is at, I know at least one thing I can do for him or to the environment to help the situation

    Michelle T

    Reactive to Relaxed Online Class

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I take an online dog training class?

    Dogs (and humans!) tend to learn more effectively in distraction-free environments (a.k.a your own home). This is especially true for reactive dogs who may struggle during in-person classes. Plus, it’s convenient. You don't need to drag your kids along to a training center or even change out of your sweats.

    What will my dog learn in this class?

    In Reactive Rehabilitation Level 2, we delve into behavior modification techniques to help change your dog's emotions toward their triggers. This can only work once the techniques from Level 1 have been adopted, which is why it is a prerequisite to this class.

    My dog loves other dogs, but still barks and lunges at them. Is this class a good fit for me?

    Yes. Many reactive dogs love their triggers. Their reactions are born out of their desire to play with that trigger and the frustration that they may be unable to. This is called frustration-based reactivity. This class addresses both frustration and anxiety based reactivity.

    Do you use aversive tools in this class (such as e-collars, choke chains, etc)?

    No. We do not use fear, pain, or intimidation—including the use of choke or prong collars or e-collars—in any of our training. Instead, we focus on changing a dog’s underlying emotions (why they are reactive). Change the emotion, change the behavior.

    Are there any prerequisites to this class?

    Yes. You must first take our Reactive Rehabilitation Level 1 online class.

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