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Private dog training and online classes for Boise and the Treasure Valley

Taylor and Scott smiling in front of a creek

Dog Training that Works for You

You want the dog you envisioned...

  • Couch-cuddler
  • Trailblazer
  • Go-anywhere best friend

Our online dog training classes help you build the foundation for your dream dog, all while seamlessly fitting into your busy schedule.

Online Classes

Why Online Classes?

Online dog training classes are becoming increasingly popular—and it's easy to see why.

Convenience and Flexibility

You can participate in a class from the comfort of your own home. You don't need to rush out the door after work or drag the kids along. In fact, you can cozy up in your sweats, turn on the Instant Pot, and train your dog while dinner's cooking

A Great Learning Environment

Let's be honest, trying to listen to instructions while handling your squirmy dog is difficult. Dog training online allows for deeper discussions and focused conversations, so you can actually learn.

Works for All Dogs

Online dog training is a great option for dogs that are reactive, anxious, or uncomfortable in new settings. But even the calmest of dogs benefit from learning new skills in familiar, distraction-free environments.

Virtual Dog Training Classes

See our latest offerings

Advanced Manners Online Class 


Build on the foundations to help your dog be the best trained on the block

  • Note: Basic Manners is a prerequisite to this class
  • Build upon what you learned in Basic Manners
  • Small online class allows for personalized feedback from the comfort of your home

Basic Manners Online Class 


Transform your older puppy or adult dog into a polite and well-behaved companion

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home
  • Video lessons help you effectively train new behaviors
  • Small class sizes allow for personalized feedback

Reactive Rehabilitation Level 2 Online Class


Help change your reactive dog’s unwanted behaviors

  • Note: Reactive Rehab Level 1 is a prerequisite to this class
  • Learn how to change your dog’s reactions toward their triggers
  • Be supported by other reactive dog guardians

Reactive Rehabilitation Level 1 Online Class


Help your reactive dog overcome anxiety or overarousal with our online training class designed specifically for them

  • Provides a safe and comfortable learning environment for reactive dogs (your home)
  • Learn how to handle your dog’s embarrassing outbursts with confidence 
  • Be in community with others going through the same thing

Our Training Methods

With our positive reinforcement-based dog training methodology, you will…

Enjoy a well-behaved dog

Our dog training techniques help your dog learn reliable behaviors they will know for the rest of their lives. If you put the time in now, you'll be rewarded in dividends.

Be able to train with the whole family

Anyone, including young children, can learn how to train with positive reinforcement. And you'll have fun doing it!

See results quickly

Once your dog gets the training “game,” you'll be astonished by how quickly they can learn behaviors and replace bad habits.

Taylor and Scott high fiving after some great dog training in Boise
dog training with mia at home in Boise, Idaho
Scott and Taylor sitting on their porch when he was first adopted

Meet Your Trainer

Taylor Wyllie, KPA CTP

Taylor Wyllie is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy for Professional Dog Trainers, and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Her dog training journey began when she adopted her dog, Scott, and realized days later that he was a bit of an anxious mess (barking, lunging, the whole nine yards). She dove into the world of positive reinforcement dog training, helping to teach Scott how to relax and be a “normal” dog.

Taylor has since graduated from the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy, founded the Boise Reactive Dog Owner group, worked with a Treasure Valley shelter, and helped to make dogs and their humans happier.

She hopes to help you and your dog too.

Scott looking at the camera smiling

Why you should sign up for online dog training

  • Help your dog behave and be happier (which will help you be happier!)
  • Learn how to train in a way that's fun for both you and your dog
  • Enjoy a well-trained dog for the rest of their life
  • Feel empowered with the tools and knowledge to solve future problems

What others are saying...

“There was no shaming of me as a dog owner. Every problem or "bad" behavior served a purpose for the dog and there was a solution to supporting them through that situation. I feel like this was a more objective, solution-focused kind of training compared to other trainers I have gone to.”

Michelle T

Reactive to Relaxed Online Class

“After training, I can see [my dog], Hike, starting to use some of the tools on her own to help disengage from something she really wants. I am also more patient when working with her and more understanding of why she may have certain behaviors.”

Erin S


“Taylor is a fun teacher and she's very helpful in addressing your dog's individual needs.”

Haley B

Reactive to Relaxed Online Class

Certification Matters

Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, there are no state or federal licensing requirements.

However, there are several internationally recognized certification organizations. The Karen Pryor Academy, where Taylor is certified, is one of the top organizations in the country and, even, the world.

KPA graduates have completed an extensive educational program and have passed detailed assessments of both technical knowledge and hands-on skills.

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Taylor and Scott high fiving after some great dog training in Boise
Scott enjoying the view
round logo that says Dog training and has an adorable drawing of Scott

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