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Advanced Manners Online Class 


Build on the foundations to help your dog be the best trained on the block

  • Note: Basic Manners is a prerequisite to this class
  • Build upon what you learned in Basic Manners
  • Small online class allows for personalized feedback from the comfort of your home

Basic Manners Online Class 


Transform your older puppy or adult dog into a polite and well-behaved companion

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home
  • Video lessons help you effectively train new behaviors
  • Small class sizes allow for personalized feedback

Reactive Rehabilitation Level 2 Online Class


Help change your reactive dog’s unwanted behaviors

  • Note: Reactive Rehab Level 1 is a prerequisite to this class
  • Learn how to change your dog’s reactions toward their triggers
  • Be supported by other reactive dog guardians

Reactive Rehabilitation Level 1 Online Class


Help your reactive dog overcome anxiety or overarousal with our online training class designed specifically for them

  • Provides a safe and comfortable learning environment for reactive dogs (your home)
  • Learn how to handle your dog’s embarrassing outbursts with confidence 
  • Be in community with others going through the same thing