Day Training

In order to book Day Training, you must first graduate from an online class.

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How It Works


Take an Online Class

To ensure the most effective and tailored experience for our clients, we now require all new clients to complete an online class before enrolling in private dog training sessions. Clients can choose between two options based on their specific needs: Basic Manners or Reactive Rehabilitation 1. This adjustment streamlines our private training by eliminating the need to cover the fundamentals, allowing us to focus on more advanced, personalized techniques during one-on-one sessions.


Taylor comes to your house to train

Direct one-on-one training of your dog three times a week, and a weekly transfer session where we teach you how to maintain the new behaviors.


Enjoy life with a well-behaved dog

Experience relief from problem behaviors or simply enjoy a dog that is a pleasure to live with and take anywhere.

Why Day Training?

You don’t hire a plumber with the expectation that they will come to your home to teach you how to fix the pipes, right? So, why should you expect that from a dog trainer? With day training, the professional trainer jumpstarts all behaviors for faster, stronger results you can rely on.

Additional Benefits

  • Convenience: other than the weekly transfer session, you do not have to be home during training sessions. Your dog will be learning while you’re working, running errands, or simply enjoying a stroll on the greenbelt
  • Less time for back-sliding: Training occurs three days a week, which leaves less time for behaviors to back-slide between training sessions.


Day Training*

$340 per week (min 2 weeks)


  • Three one-on-one training sessions per week with the trainer
  • One transfer session per week, where the trainer transfers the skills needed to maintain behaviors
  • Behaviors will be “proofed” in environments outside of the home, so your dog will be able to behave in a variety of distraction-filled environments

Training packages will be recommended by the trainer after your initial consultation depending on your goals and problems. Most packages will be between 2 and 4 weeks.

* All clients have to start with an online class. If requested, upon graduation your trainer will send you a link to purchase the right package for you