Virtual Training

In order to book Virtual Training, you must first graduate from an online class.

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How It Works


Take an Online Class

To ensure the most effective and tailored experience for our clients, we now require all new clients to complete an online class before enrolling in private dog training sessions. Clients can choose between two options based on their specific needs: Basic Manners or Reactive Rehabilitation 1. This adjustment streamlines our private training by eliminating the need to cover the fundamentals, allowing us to focus on more advanced, personalized techniques during one-on-one sessions.


Coaching Session

Taylor will meet with you over Zoom. She will explain recommended training techniques and management solutions. If possible, the use of videos can aid in explaining behavioral or training problems you are experiencing.


Enjoy life with a well-behaved dog

Experience relief from problem behaviors or simply enjoy a dog that is a pleasure to live with and take anywhere.

Why Virtual Training?

Having a trainer come to your home isn’t always convenient. Whether you live outside of the service area or have a dog who does not like strangers in their home, virtual training is the solution. Virtual training requires you to do all of the training with your dog, so it’s ideal if you like and have the time to train. We also don’t require packages, so it’s a great choice if you want or need minimal training advice.

Additional Benefits

  • No need to clean your house or change out of your pajamas
  • Learn the why behind training techniques: once you have this understanding, you can solve future problems on your own
  • The most affordable option as there are no package requirements


Virtual Training*

$90 per session


  • One-hour virtual training
  • Time for you to share videos of problem behaviors or training struggles
  • Homework sheets with training tips and techniques

* All clients have to start with an online class. If requested, upon graduation your trainer will send you a link to purchase the right package for you